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Sales and Marketing

In this section, you'll find resources on how to market your products to buyers, sell products to consumers, participate in social media and public relations, and more.

25 products

  1. Setting Up for TikTok Shop
  2. TikTok Marketing Strategies for Specialty Food
  3. Booth Camp: Talking with Buyers and Press
  4. Breaking Through: Marketing the Strengths of your Business
  5. Navigating Turbulence in Today’s Economy
  6. Using AI to Benefit Your Sales, Branding, and Marketing
  7. Place Your Products in Film and TV
  8. Social Media Marketing for Start-Ups
  9. Sell Smart: Selling to the Channels
  10. Selling to Convenience Stores with Max Weiner, BBI
  11. Scaling Your Innovative Food Products
  12. Selling to Supermarkets with Art Papazian, ACP Management & Consulting Co.
  13. Selling to the Club Channel with Tony Festa, Innovative Club Partners
  14. Selling Direct-to-Consumer: Tips for Success in 2020 with Tony Cox, 5th Food Group
  15. Case Pack Optimization: A Hidden Growth Opportunity with Jim Wisner, Wisner Marketing
  16. Private Brands and Specialty Foods: The New Growth Engine
  17. Growing Your Business with Sweepstakes, Contests, and Games
  18. Using Media Relations to Drive Awareness
  19. Elevate Your Pitch: Tips for Promoting Your Products
  20. Identifying and Activating Shopper Moments that Matter
  21. How to Create a Product Mission for What You Make or Sell: A Workshop with Bi-Rite
  22. How to Position Your Brand for Growth
  23. How Do I Compete? Trends in Food and Beverage Retail Branding
  24. Get Noticed: How to Generate Free Publicity for Your Brand
  25. Understanding the Needs of the Evolving Pandemic-Era Consumer
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