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  • Community Rules

    In order to keep the Community Hub discussions productive, and in some cases to avoid potential legal issues, we have a set of guidelines in place.

    • Promotion. The Community Hub is a platform where companies have the opportunity to connect, discuss challenges, and receive advice and perspective from peers. It is not a marketing platform. Any posts that fall within the realm of a sales pitch or marketing will be edited or removed. This includes, but is not limited to, press releases, sales pitches, and market research. Any posts that resemble a promotional post will be removed. 
    • Pricing. Discussing specific prices falls under the anti-trust umbrella. All references to specific prices and discounts, compensation, etc. will be removed as appropriate; any discussion centered on pricing/discounts will be deleted altogether. This is one of those areas where a violation can be costly and therefore, we’re treading carefully. 
    • Naming of names. Asking about, or giving a negative review of, any specific person or entity can be construed as anti-trust behavior (collusion/boycott). This includes hypothetical mentioning. Posts of this nature will be edited or removed as appropriate.

    If you have a question about a specific company, it’s best to be general (e.g. “I’m looking to partner with a large distributor in the Northeast and I was hoping to get some advice as to what to do/expect” instead of “Does anyone here have experience working with XYZ?”) Not only are you staying within the guidelines, you’re opening up a comprehensive discussion and will likely receive even better insight from other members. 

    For more information, especially on anti-trust rules, we encourage you to review SFA’s specialtyfood.com Terms and Conditions and also read our Privacy Notice.

    As the forums evolve, we’ll revise the Community Rules as needed, so please make a point to review them periodically.

    Thank you for your cooperation in making the Community Hub a productive, educational, and useful resource for SFA members and the industry as a whole!

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