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Co-Packing and Production

In this section, you'll find resources on how to develop and produce your products, work with co-manufacturers, and handle logistics.

24 products

  1. The Packaging Playbook: How to Design for Impact, Scale Your Story & Sell More Stuff
  2. Co-Packing Webinar Bundle
  3. Product Development Webinar Bundle
  4. Supply Chain on Fire: Keeping Your Cool in this Hot Moment
  5. The Supply Chain Pain Train – Operators’ Tips and Tricks
  6. New Product Development: Optimizing the Food Value Chain to Maximize Your Competitive Edge
  7. Understand your Production Options and Choose your Path
  8. Technical Review: Discussing your product with a prospective co-man
  9. Food Science Start-Up Essentials for Food Entrepreneurs
  10. Best Practices For Developing a Successful Specialty Food Product From the Country's Most Successful R&D Firm
  11. Co-Packing Agreements: The Key Elements with Jeni Lamb Rogers, PSL Law Group, LLC
  12. Key Performance Indicators: How to Define the Right Metrics for Your Food Company
  13. Show & Sell: Strategic Packaging Bootcamp
  14. Resource Guide: Working with a Co-Packer
  15. Who's Eating What? A Consumer Needs and Benefits Approach to Product Development
  16. Own Your Flavor Profile: Get the Specs Straight with Nancy Jo Seaton, Seaton Food Consultants, LLC
  17. Working with Copackers: Manufacturing during the Pandemic, A Panel
  18. Best Practices for a Changing Grocery Industry Sponsored by Zipline Logistics
  19. Unlocking Profit: Using Freight and Logistics to Save Money
  20. Managing Supply Chain Costs: Strategies for Success
  21. How Lean Manufacturing Can Boost Your Profitability
  22. How Do I Plan It? From Idea to Launch - Using Stage-Gate Methodology
  23. How Do I Take Off? How to Pilot Your New Product
  24. Will #Foodtech Change What We Know About Making Food?
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