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Legislative and Regulatory

In this section, you'll learn about the latest legal and regulatory updates around food production and distribution.

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  1. Import Alerts: How to Understand them and What SFA Members Should Know
  2. Legal Bites: Navigating the Latest Food and Beverage Industry Trends
  3. Regulatory Update: Farm Bill Update
  4. Regulatory Update: Food Ingredient Bans
  5. How to Survive a Third-Party Audit
  6. Understanding Plant-Based and Gluten-Free Certifications
  7. FDA’s Foreign Supplier Verification Program (FSVP) Rule: What You Need to Know
  9. FDA Proposes New Definition For Healthy Food Labeling
  10. FDA Issues Final Rule on Food Traceability
  11. How to Stop NDAs From Harming Employees
  12. New Proposed Organic Standards for Livestock and Poultry
  13. Using Third Party Certifications and Logos On Food Labels
  14. Advanced Topics in Food Allergen and Gluten-Free Labeling
  15. Remote and Virtual Audits and Inspections for FDA Compliance: Here to Stay?
  16. What do you need to know about the Bioengineered Food (BE) Disclosure Standard?
  17. Labeling Food Products as Natural and Healthy - Could Legislative Solutions Offer a Way Forward? 
  18. FDA Action to Modernize the Standards of Identity
  19. The Food Traceability Rule: Priorities for Specialty Food Manufacturers
  20. Farm Bill 2022: What Specialty Food Makers Need to Know
  21.  FDA's Draft Guidance for Evaluating Food Allergens other than Major Allergens
  22. Selling CBD Products: NDI Denials for Food and Beverage
  23. Are you Recall Ready? Planning and Managing Risks
  24. Influencer Marketing Compliance – Dos and Don’ts of Marketing your Specialty Food Products on Social Media
  25. Legal and Practical Considerations for Making Your Website Accessible
  26. Proposition 65 Risk and Liability
  27. Not So Vanilla – Ways to Protect Your Brand Against the Vanilla Flavor Litigation Trend
  28. California’s Prop. 65 and Fruits and Vegetables – All About the Recent Claims of Lead and Other Metals
  29. California’s Prop 65 and Toasted, Roasted and Crunchy Foods – All About Acrylamide
  30. Compliant Consumer and Expert Marketing on your Website and Social Media
  31. The Future Is Served – Understanding the Issues and Risks Involved When Using 3-D Printing in Food Manufacturing
  32. The Big Idea: CBD in Food and Beverage
  33. Getting Back to Business: Building Your Plan for Getting Open and Staying Open in Food Retail, Office, and Manufacturing Environments with Jeni Lamb Rogers, JD and MS
  34. FDA Enforcement Update and The New Era for Smarter Food Safety
  35. CBD in Food and Beverage: Trends and Innovation with Kay Tamillow
  36. Regulatory and Criminal Risk: Steps You Can Take to Reduce the Risk of Litigation
  37. Managing Risk: Minimize, Monitor, and Control
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