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  • Industry Voices: Regulatory Update Webinar Series

    Denise Purcell

    The SFA’s Regulatory Update webinar series is designed to educate and inform about the latest legal and regulatory updates around food production and distribution. Hosted each month by Jeni Lamb Rogers, associate general counsel of supply chain at Branded, the webinars cover such topics as Standards of Identity, food safety, labeling claims, and FDA regulations.

    Here is a sampling of information shared at some recent webinars. You can click through to find the full recordings, which are free to SFA members.

    “Although there is the common perception that they are outdated and irrelevant, the Standards of Identity still matter and can have legal consequences. They are most relevant to products or ingredients like cheeses, macaroni and noodles, fruit butters, jellies, preserves, cacao, sweeteners, salad dressings, and flavorings.—FDA Action to Modernize the Standards of Identity

    A Shared Facility Declaration won’t prevent a recall if the allergen ends up in the product, but it could be used as mitigating evidence in a lawsuit because you attempted to provide a warning. Furthermore, it’s really about deterrence.—Are You Recall Ready?

    The first step that a company should take is to create an internal health hazard evaluation, which should happen one to two hours after the discovery of an issue. Then, outside counsel should be engaged, typically within a business day.—Advanced Topics in Food Allergen and Gluten-free Labeling

    In the FTC’s eyes, an influencer’s endorsement is the same as a consumer testimonial, meaning it must comply with the same standards. The endorser of a product must have actually tried it, as well as been honest in their review of it. The influencer cannot make claims about the product that would require substantiation that the company doesn’t have, such as health or environmental benefit claims.--Influencer Marketing Compliance  

    Regulatory Update webinars can be viewed live or recordings can be downloaded any time. Here is the webinar schedule for the month. And to ask questions or continue the conversation, you can go to this forum.


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