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  • Industry Voices: Maker Prep Webinar Series

    Denise Purcell

    In the past year, the Specialty Food Association launched its Maker Prep webinar series, an educational program to designed to help new makers get ready to do business in the industry. The ongoing series brings in subject matter experts and experienced members to cover such topics as funding, branding, bringing your product to market, working with distributors, and more. Each topic is covered in a package of two or more webinars, complete with Q&A sessions, plus extra resources.

    Here is a sampling of information shared at some recent webinars. You can click through to find the full recordings, which are free to SFA members.

    Factoring is another option for financing. That is when companies receive upfront payments against invoices to help with operating expenses until full payment is received. The key benefit to factoring is more predictable cash flow, but there are fees associated with it.—Keith Lohler, K2 Financing, Funding Your Business: Working with Lenders

    “The retailer is a shared customer between you and the distributor. Relationships with retailers can give you leverage in what’s mostly a ‘David and Golliath’ situation.”—Jack Acree, Saffron Road Foods, Working with Distributors: Strategies for Success  

    When preparing to meet with a distributor, a company should know its products and pricing, as well as that of its competitors. It’s also helpful to know case/pallet minimums, shelf life, and share any special product issues.—Ian Kelleher, Peeled Snacks founder, Working with Distributors: The First Key Steps  

    Finding space in the sea of sameness can be a challenge, but your sales team may have valuable insights to offer so you can position your brand differently in the marketplace.—Christian Klawitter, Bright Design, Building a Brand Expression  

    “Founding a brand rarely starts with, ‘hey, let’s run a supply chain,’ yet if you don’t, your brand will fail.”—Veronica Lehman, consultant and Pure Organic founder, Understanding the Supply Chain Continuum  

    Logo, flavor, product image or flavor cue, and two to three relevant callouts should be used on the front of package. The back of package should include storytelling and any other romance copy regarding flavor, key ingredients, cooking ideas, and suggested uses.—Andy Kurtts, Buttermilk Creative, Package Design and Branding  

    Maker Prep webinars can be viewed live or recordings can be downloaded any time. Here is the webinar schedule for April and May. And to ask questions or continue the conversation, you can go to this forum.

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