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Popsicle Sleeves

Janis Niv


Hello all, I am developing a shelf-stable popsicle and I am having trouble finding a supplier for the sleeves. The popsicles need to be shelf stable for extended periods of time, and then frozen before consumption. The sleeves would need to be around 1"-1.5" wide and 8"-10" long and able to withstand temperature fluctuations, and be hot packed. My brand is also organic and sustainable brand, so a compostable or recycled sleeve is a must. 

Thanks for your help!

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Good afternoon,

I hope you are well! I recommend consulting your local land-grant college or university. They often have a host of resources that you can take advantage of, and may be able to provide help with product development or food science needs. You can consult this guide to find your local relevant college or university:


George Hajjar

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