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Kosher Certification



Hi fellow SFA members!

We are seeking Kosher Certification after a lot of interest at the Summer Fancy Food Show!

I would love your feedback on who you used for your Kosher certification!  What went well, what pitfalls should we be on lookout for, were there any retailers or distributors that did not accept the company/organization that you used?

Any feedback is much appreciated!

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Good afternoon Becky,

In the past, we have recommended Kashrus Magazine's Kosher Supervision Guide from www.kashrusmagazine.com. You should be able to purchase the 2021-2022 Kosher Supervision Guide using it. 


George Hajjar

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Hey Becky, for Kosher certifications the goal is to align with your customers who follow a kosher diet, so any organization you choose for this needs to have a reputation that is credible, and a hescher that is recognized. If a bubbe doesn't approve of a kosher mark (and there are bazillions of them) then it doesn't matter if it's "certified kosher"--it fails the sniff test. 🙂  As an emerging brand, however, cost and practicality of maintenance are also factor, as well as whether your current copacker or manufacturing facility is able to accommodate inspection or facilitate proper protocols for your supply chain.  An organization with high repute that specializes in CPG food and beverage is Earthkosher. They're accepted by every US retailer and are affordable.

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