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  • Meet the Staffer: Sandra Archer, Accounts Receivable Manager

    Julie Gallagher

    Sandra Archer joined the Specialty Food Association in 1997 as a temp working in the membership department where she showcased new applicants’ products to the admission committee and processed membership applications. Shortly after, she became full time staff working in the finance department as an accounts receivable specialist and now serves as manager of accounts receivable.

    What is your favorite memory, experience, or story from your time with SFA?

    I can say that my favorite experience from my time with the SFA has been fulfilling my obligation volunteering during “Embrace Hunger Relief Months”. I recall volunteering in October 2019 at a Mobile Market in Washington Heights, where we distributed fresh produce to market-goers. The line was so long and as we started to distribute the food, the rain came pouring down on us. We did not allow the rain to stop us from doing what we do best as an association—-helping.

    Where were you born?

    I was born in Jamaica, West Indies.

    What is your fondest food memory?

    My fondest food memory happened to be here at SFA. It was my first time trying stuffed grape leaves at a Lebanese restaurant with my co-workers.

    Do you prefer to eat in or go out?

    Although I am seen as an extrovert by family and friends, the introverted half gets the better of me at times and I prefer eating in.

    Best piece of advice that you’ve been given that serves you well?

    Laughter is the best medicine.

    What is one of the strangest things you’ve ever eaten?

    I’m not known to be a picky eater, however I did find eating cow brain to be interesting.

    What is your favorite food city?

    My favorite city to enjoy food in is the Big Apple! With so much to choose from and the inclusion of so many dishes from different countries, I could never be bored.


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