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  1. I specialize in building thoughtful, strategic, and results-driven marketing campaigns to tell compelling brand stories that make audiences pay attention. My second passion is my work on the SFA’s DEI Committee. Where do you live? I am truly a Jersey Girl, born and raised. I live in New Jersey and North Carolina part-time. What’s your favorite memory or experience from your time with the SFA? The first time attending the Fancy Food Show during my first week at the SFA! There were so many people and so much food. It was amazing and a bit intimidating. What’s your fondest food memory? That would be my first time hosting a large family Thanksgiving where I cooked. Now it has become tradition since they all realized that I can actually cook! Do you prefer to eat in or go out? I prefer to eat in and try new recipes. What’s your favorite food city? It depends on what I’m eating… Italian, soul food, and seafood are my favorites. Treviso, Italy had awesome food. For soul food, try anywhere in the Carolinas. But for seafood, there’s no place better than the Jersey Shore! What’s one of the strangest things you’ve ever eaten? Bee Pollen Granules What is your favorite memory, experience, or story from your time with the SFA? The first time attending the Fancy Food Show during my first week at the SFA! There were so many people and so much food. It was amazing and a bit intimidating! What’s the best piece of advice that you’ve been given that serves you well? There have been a couple of things. A former VP once said, “Is that the hill you want to die on today?” He actually said “sword,” but…LOL. Seems morbid but it made sense. From that point on, I picked my battles because the goal is to win the war.
  2. Are you a Tier 2 SFA members who is exhibiting in the 2022 Winter Fancy Food Show? If so, one of your exclusive member benefits is the ability to participate in the Space Draw process for the Show. Participate in the early booth selection process and gain the advantage of selecting the best booth space available! Please submit your Exhibit Space Application & Contract along with payment by this Wednesday, Oct. 13. Contract links were sent to your company's Show Contact last Thursday, Oct. 7. If you need your link to be resent please email us at memberdevteam@specialtyfood.com. If you previously submitted a 2022 Winter Fancy Food Show exhibit space contract for the San Francisco location/dates, please be sure to access your exhibitor dashboard and submit the Exhibitor Confirmation form also by Oct. 13 to let us know if you are still able to join us in Las Vegas and wish to still participate in Space Draw. If you have submitted both contract and payment for the 2022 Winter Fancy Food Show by the deadline, your company's show contact will receive an email on October 18 with the designated appointment date and time when you will receive a call from a member of the Events & Member Development team to walk through the new floorplan and help you select your booth space. The Space Draw calls will begin with Priority Point Group #1 on October 21.
  3. Learn from experts, connect with your colleagues, and access new information and resources to support your business by attending SFA's webinars this month. Following is the lineup of topics and speakers. Register today for any of our upcoming webinars! October 14: Makers Prep: Fundamentals of Branding - with creative agency Moxie Sozo October 21: Regulatory Update: Advanced Topics in Food Allergen and Gluten-Free Labeling - special guest, Jeni Lamb Rogers October 28: In the Know: Raising Prices in Uncertain Times - special guest, Jack Acree
  4. Are you a specialty food maker who's had success selling your products to K-12 foodservice? Please tell us about it.
  5. Hello! Is there a business-related book, blog, or podcast that you'd like to share with your fellow entrepreneurs? Members of SFA's content team would love to hear about what's inspiring you these days.
  6. The Specialty Food Association’s Fancy Food 24/7, taking place Sept. 27 through Oct. 8, will feature educational sessions and a wide range of product showcases from domestic and international brands. Since many exhibiting food makers are active on the Infinite Aisle platform, which is free to members, buyer attendees who create an account can use the service to order product directly from these exhibitors. What’s more is that in advance of the show, on September 13, buyers will be able to preview showrooms, order samples, and schedule meetings with companies that are set up on Infinite Aisle. Following is a sample of Fancy Food 24/7 exhibitors who are transactional on Infinite Aisle: 2 Sisters' Salsa Company – A family business rooted in family tradition, its salsa is handcrafted in Louisiana and made from authentic Cajun recipes. Amarumayu LLC - Maker of superfruit juices from the Amazon by indigenous communities using sustainable harvesting practices that help mitigate climate change. Firehook Bakery – Firehook Bakery began baking its authentic, whole grain, artisan breads locally 20 years ago. Everything is made from scratch, by hand, using all-natural ingredients. Partners, A Tasteful Choice Co - A second-generation, family-owned bakery that makes high quality crackers, cookies, and other baked goods using real, honest ingredients. Pretzel Pete - A family-owned company that makes clean label, value-added pretzel products with locally sourced ingredients and allergen-safe production. PS Seasoning - PS Seasoning carries on the old-world flavors and traditions of the past, while creating new products and blends to meet modern day demands. It has more than 3,000 seasoning blends with 30 million units of products made annually. Square One Organic Spirits - Founded by spirits and cocktail lover Allison Evanow, Square One Organic Spirits is a female-owned, boutique, organic spirits company founded with the mission of creating innovative, organic spirits and cocktails with an eco-conscious mindset. Unisoy Vegan Jerky – Maker of vegan jerky packed with 100 percent plant protein with 21 grams per bag, Unisoy Vegan Jerky is free of saturated fat, cholesterol, and has significantly less sodium.
  7. By Sophia Castillo, partner, Downey Brand and Patrick Veasey, senior associate, Downey Brand The alleged acrylamide content of various foods has been the subject of much litigation seeking to enforce California’s Proposition 65. Prop. 65 requires “clear and reasonable warnings” on products sold in California if use of the products causes exposure to chemicals on the Prop. 65 List. (See Title 27, California Code of Regulations, §§ 25600 et seq.) Prop. 65 also gives interested citizen plaintiffs a private right of action to enforce these claims and recover their attorneys’ fees if they are successful. The Office of Environmental Health Hazard Assessment added acrylamide to the Prop. 65 list in 1990. Acrylamide is a chemical that forms in certain types of food when exposed to high-temperature cooking such as frying, roasting, or baking. Acrylamide is found mainly in foods made from plants, such as potato and grain products. OEHHA has set the safe harbor limit for cancer for acrylamide at 0.2 (µg/day) and reproductive toxicity for acrylamide at 140 (µg/day). This low safe harbor limit has invited a host of Prop. 65 notices and corresponding, and expensive, litigation in California courts alleging that Prop. 65 warning labels are required for certain foods that are fried, roasted and/or baked. Acrylamide Litigation – California Chamber of Commerce v. Bonta In October 2019, the California Chamber of Commerce initiated litigation in federal court in the Eastern District of California alleging that Prop. 65’s warning requirements that acrylamide cause cancer violated the First Amendment because the State does not “know” that consuming food containing acrylamide causes cancer in humans. The Cal. Chamber initiated this litigation against the State of California, and a citizen plaintiff group called Council for Education and Research On Toxics intervened in the case. CERT has litigated various acrylamide citizen suits in the past. On March 30, 2021, the Cal. Chamber prevailed on a motion it filed asking the Court to bar the California Attorney General and anyone else from filing new lawsuits against businesses that do not display a Prop. 65 warning for acrylamide, which the district court granted via a preliminary injunction. (See Cal. Chamber of Commerce v. Becerra, Case No. 2:19-cv-02019 (E.D. Cal. March 30, 2021).) In its ruling granting the preliminary injunction, the Court pointed to the dozens of epidemiological studies that failed to establish a link between consumption of acrylamide in food and cancer in humans. The Court determined that the “State has not shown that the cancer warnings it requires are purely factual and uncontroversial.” The Court further determined that the Cal. Chamber successfully demonstrated that it would suffer irreparable harm if the injunction was not granted given the steep rise of Prop. 65 litigation involving acrylamide in the last several years. Shortly thereafter, on April 21, 2021, CERT appealed the case to the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals, alleging that the preliminary injunction violated CERT’s right under the First Amendment to petition the government for the redress of grievances. (See Cal. Chamber of Commerce v. Bonta, Case No. 21-15745 (9th Cir.).) The State of California has not taken a position on the appeal. The Ninth Circuit stayed the preliminary injunction pending a decision on the merits of CERT’s appeal. Although the parties have filed several procedural motions before the Ninth Circuit, including a motion to dismiss the appeal, on August 11, 2021, the Ninth Circuit denied the motion to dismiss, but reserved the right to address these and other related issues when it reviews the merits of the case. Oral argument in the Ninth Circuit is now expected to take place in December 2021 or early next year. Summary The pending litigation before the Ninth Circuit may ultimately provide a respite for food and beverage producers and suppliers from the Prop. 65 acrylamide litigation that has become so common in the last several years. And if the Cal. Chamber is successful in its challenge, Prop. 65 notices and litigation for acrylamide may cease altogether. For the time being, however, Prop. 65 claims and notices by citizen plaintiff’s groups continue because the Ninth Circuit stayed the preliminary injunction entered by the lower court pending its formal evaluation of the issues on appeal. The California Attorney General’s website provides a discussion regarding the status of the acrylamide litigation. Sophia Castillo is a partner in the San Francisco office of Downey Brand. She specializes in Proposition 65 and toxics law, and publishes an overview of Prop. 65 claims and trends each month with her colleague Patrick Veasy. Sophia can be reached at scastillo@downeybrand.com, or via her LinkedIn page. Patrick Veasy is a senior associate in Downey Brand’s Sacramento office. Patrick routinely works on matters involving water quality, environmental site remediation issues, and toxic tort litigation, including under Proposition 65. Patrick can be reached at pveasy@downeybrand.com, or via his LinkedIn page.
  8. Beginning this Monday, proof of vaccination will be required for indoor diners in New York City. What do you think of this mandate and how it will impact business?
  9. The Specialty Food Association’s Fancy Food Show 2021, the in-person component of the planned dual Fancy Food Show 2021 and Fancy Food 24/7, has been canceled. Fancy Food 24/7, the digital component of the show, will run as planned from September 27 through October 8. With the increasing concerns about the Delta variant, it was decided that the in-person component of the show should be canceled for the health and safety of all show participants. “The Specialty Food Association has been steadfast in creatively supporting our members and our $170.4 billion industry during this incredibly challenging time, and we remain committed to providing opportunities in the safest way possible,” said Bill Lynch, president of the SFA. “While we will miss that special feeling of in-person connections with our industry colleagues, safety remains our number-one priority.” Exhibitors have the option of a full refund, or a credit for the Winter Fancy Food Show 2022 or the Summer Fancy Food Show 2022. All pre-registered attendees will receive a full refund and retain access to Fancy Food 24/7, which will feature domestic and international specialty food and beverage exhibitors and educational programming.
  10. Hello, I am the SFA’s managing editor and I am working on an article about Prop 65 and acrylamide. If this is an issue that impacts your specialty brand, I’d love to hear from you. You can reach me here or via email at jgallagher@specialtyfood.com.
  11. We're so glad you like it, Amanda! I need to check out that movie too.
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