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  • Meet the SFA Staffer: Michelle McDonald, Director of Buyer Relations

    Julie Gallagher

    I’ve been with SFA for almost two months now. I’m working to build a program which will grow buyer membership and encourage buyers to become more involved and active with SFA. 

    What is your favorite memory, experience, or story from your time with the SFA?

    Going to my first food show is still one of my most favorite memories.  I was in awe seeing the vast array of specialty foods and confections from all around the world in one location.  Having the opportunity to meet and talk with people who were just as appreciative and passionate about food was inspiring.

     Where were you born?

     I was born in Louisville, KY

     What is your fondest food memory?

    Attending the White Truffle Festival in Alba, Italy.  We spent 10 days partaking in some of the most luxurious dining experiences I’ve had to this day.  Each dish was truly a work of culinary art.

    Do you prefer to eat in or go out?

     Ooh…that is a tough one.  I love to cook, but I do love a fantastic restaurant experience.  I draw inspiration from both.

     What’s the best piece of advice that you’ve been given that serves you well?

     Nothing good happens after midnight!

     What is one of the strangest things you’ve ever eaten?

     Horse meat is the strangest thing I’ve eaten.  I was not a fan.

     What is your favorite food city?

     This is another challenging question for me.  I’ve been fortunate to have dined in a lot of fantastic cities.  I can’t narrow it down to just one, so I picked my four favorite cities/towns for dining. New York City, Prague, Sorrento, and Grand Case in St. Martin.  I selected these places not just for the fantastic restaurants available to choose from, but also for the memories these places evoke for my family and me.



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