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  • Meet the SFA Staffer: Jennifer Gonzalez, Executive Assistant

    How long have you been with SFA and tell us about what you do?
    I’ve been with the SFA for 3 months. I am Bill & Lysa’s Executive Assistant.

    What is your favorite memory or experience from your time with the SFA? The Summer Fancy Food Show. It was amazing to see it for the first time, and I loved being able to engage with the members.

    Where were you born?
    Matawan, NJ

    If you could only pick 3 foods to eat for a month, what would they be?
    Pasta, Chicken & Broccoli

    What is your fondest food memory?
    Every year around the holidays all the ladies in my family get together and bake cookies, and it is one of my favorite traditions.

    Do you prefer to eat in or dine out?
    It depends on who is doing the dishes! (Which is usually me) So I’ll go with dine out!

    Best piece of advice you have been given and has served you well?
    Don’t make decisions when you’re angry

    What is the strangest thing you’ve eaten?
    Alligator Tail

    What is your favorite food city?
    Charleston, South Carolina has delicious food and some of my favorite restaurants.

    If you didn’t have to work for a living, what would you do?
    Travel around the world, I love to explore new places.

    Where is your favorite place that you have traveled to?
    Costa Rica 



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