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  • Meet the Maker: Linda J. Eads, Calizo Condiments, LLC 

    Julie Gallagher

    Learn more about the people and products in these Q&As with Specialty Food Association member companies.

    What does your company produce? 

    We manufacture Mediterranean condiments with a focus on savory, zesty, and ethnic flavors. We offer savory olive relish, spicy olive medley, lemon & herbs dried black olives, savory berry compote, plant-based Italianaise (a mayonnaise), Taste of Tuscany (dried herbs), puttanesca, and more under development. 

    Did you have a food background before launching your company? 

    No preparation other than learning from my mother and taking various hobby classes. I spent 30 years in public and private K-12 and university education, was a governor's appointee to the State Board of Education, and have a doctorate in leadership. That knowledge will now be used to help me in my business. 

    How did the idea for your product/company come about? 

    It evolved after my retirement from education. 

    Why did you get involved in specialty foods? 

    I’m passionate about food, preparation, entertaining, and the creativity of developing recipes. 

    What is your favorite thing about the specialty food industry? 

    Like-minded people striving hard to create their dreams, sharing similar problems, and having people who walked the walk at my fingertips through the Specialty Food Association. 

    What’s the one piece of advice you’d give a new specialty food business? 

    Never give up! Have perseverance, determination, go beyond expectations, and surround yourself with positive people. Be kind to yourself in your words and actions. Celebrate even the smaller accomplishment. 

    If you weren’t running a food business, what would you be doing? 

    Creating artistic textile quilts ... that I still do in the wee hours of the night. 

    What does specialty mean to you? 

    I see specialty food as dreams of entrepreneurs who created unique foods and beverages that will bring unusual flavors, textures, combinations, immersions, and these products make life deliciously entertaining, just like Calizo. 


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