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  • Meet the Maker: Denise Jane, Seed & Shell LLC 

    Julie Gallagher

    Learn more about the people and products in these Q&As with Specialty Food Association member companies. 

    What does your company produce? 

     Pistachio butter. 

    Did you have a food background before launching your company? 

    No, this is my first time launching my brand and product. I am, however, a health enthusiast and am passionate about food and the food industry. 

    How did the idea for your product/company come about? 

    I founded Seed & Shell with the belief that we can all harness the seeds of potential within us and break free from our shell of self-limiting beliefs to achieve our dreams. In 2019, my mom brought me a gift of pistachios following a family health scare. Pistachios became my snack that got me through those difficult times while I was in the midst of struggling to meet the demands of both my personal and professional life. I knew I could rely on them for their nutritional benefits and also to keep me satisfied.  

    Inspired by my love for pistachios, which are (technically speaking) seeds, and not nuts, I founded Seed & Shell so others could enjoy pistachios in a fresh, new way (like with our pistachio butter). While my initial purpose was to spread awareness to the amazing health benefits of pistachios, I realized along the way that Seed & Shell represented a challenge to myself for personal growth. 

    Why did you get involved in specialty foods? 

    As a foodie and health food enthusiast, I personally am a big fan of specialty foods. They have always been an important part of my lifestyle and my dietary preferences, and I love the fact that so many specialty food brands exist to make a difference in people's lives by bringing new and exciting foods to the market. 

    What is your favorite thing about the specialty food industry? 

    The selection of high-quality and new products that specialty food brands bring to the table. 

    What is one piece of advice you’d give a new specialty food business? 

    Enjoy the journey. 

    If you weren’t running a food business, what would you be doing? 

    I couldn't even be thinking of anything as meaningful that I would be doing with my time other than running my business. I am truly passionate about my company. 

    What does specialty mean to you? 

    Specialty food means being the risk taker of the food world. 

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