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  • Industry Voices: Maker Prep Webinar Series


    The SFA’s Maker Prep webinar series is designed to educate new startups, providing them with the building blocks and knowledge base needed to do business in the specialty food industry. The topics in this series vary, covering every aspect of the industry.

    Here is a sampling of information shared at some recent webinars. You can click through to find the full recordings, which are free to SFA members.

    Certifications open up your marketplace in many ways…and tell your consumer and your buyer why your specialty food may be even more special."—Kantha Shelke, Understanding Regulations, Certifications and Licenses

    "No one wants to spend a lot of energy and take a lot of risk setting up a new product and have it fail."—Scott Zoeller, Selling to Supermarkets

    "It’s important to evaluate how you look at various aspects of the food chain to get a maximum competitive advantage. Because at the end of it all it’s actually the advantage that sets you apart from your competitors."—Kantha Shelke, New Product Development: Optimizing the Food Value Chain to Maximize Your Competitive Edge

    "80% of consumers purchased something after having seen it recommended by an influencer. That is a huge number, and a reason why influencer marketing should be a part of your toolbox."—Rachel Kay, Igniting an Integrated Paid and Earned Online Media Program to Support Your E-Commerce Business

    "[Working with a co-packer] is truly a marriage between two companies. I think that’s an accurate description of how you can approach a partnership with co-packing: you’re not tied to it for life necessarily, but this is something that if you are going to approach it, it needs to be a strong relationship."—Ashley Sutterfield, Understand your Production Options and Choose your Path

    Maker Prep webinars can be viewed live or recordings can be downloaded any time. Here is the webinar schedule for the month. And to ask questions or continue the conversation, you can go to this forum.



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