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  • Industry Voices: In the Know Webinar Series

    Denise Purcell

    Whether it’s consumer trends, innovative marketing techniques, or new sales channels, the specialty food industry is always evolving and even the most successful companies need education and resources to keep up. With that in mind, SFA's In The Know webinars are designed to educate and inform established and mature companies in the specialty food community.

    This ongoing series brings in subject matter experts and peers to cover topics that are important as a company matures such as logistics and sourcing, export opportunities, and succession planning to name a few. Each webinar includes a Q&A session, and we also provide extra resources to keep you informed. 

    Following is a sampling of information shared during various In the Know webinars. You can click through to find the full recordings, which are free to SFA members.

    Start with one platform (like Instagram) and build from there. Instead of trying to hit every social media platform at once, focus on doing a few things well. Prioritize platforms where you know your target audience is spending their time. Once you are in a good rhythm on your starter platforms, gauge bandwidth to expand onto other channels based on resonance with your target.—Katie Bell, Pulp+Wire, Social Media Marketing for Startups

    “An often-cited export sales statistic is that 95 percent of potential consumers are located outside of the U.S., so it’s a natural inclination to want to consider international sales.”—Molly Burns, Food Export – Midwest, The Benefits of Export

    Keep an eye out for fake domains, account verification, spelling and grammatical errors, and unauthorized email addresses (hover your mouse over email address to see the domain) to protect yourself against email phishing.—Monica Moore and Dave Curley, All Covered, Cybersecurity Fundamentals for Your Business

    “You need to do the things that will continue to make your business sustainable either at the loss you’re incurring now or at the cash flow you’re bringing in.” –Jack Acree, Saffron Road Foods, Raising Prices in Uncertain Times

    Other opportunities exist if you’re unable to get your product on a television show or movie through the prop or set decoration departments. The costume department, as well the hair and makeup department, are often stocked with drinks and snacks for the actors and crew to enjoy behind the scenes. –Jessica Cohen, founder of The Product Agent, What to Know about Product Placement in Film and TV

    In the Know webinars can be viewed live or recordings can be downloaded any time. Here is the schedule for April and May. And to ask questions or continue the conversation, you can go to this forum.

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