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  • September In Review: Top Stories of the Month


    The most popular articles with SFA News Daily readers in September focused on grocery and consumer trends, private label strategies, and breakout talent that is blazing a trail in the specialty food industry. Following are the top five most read stories in September: 

    The Kroger Co. has launched Smart Way, a new opening price point store brand line that the retailer says brings together 16 legacy brands into a single, easy-to-find identity.

    The list includes young food professionals dedicated to social justice and philanthropic endeavors, food makers who are reducing waste, providing fair wages, and even reinventing a mature category, and specialty grocers who are bringing foods with which they closely identify, to the masses.

    Total sales in online grocery have decreased by 1 percent compared to last year, to $8.5 billion in August. Despite the dip, digital grocery sales have remained elevated following the increase elicited by the pandemic.

    Although prices have a considerable effect when grocery shoppers are choosing what to put into their basket, 55 percent of consumers are willing to pay a premium for food that contributes to their health and wellness. 

    The recent Plant Based Food Expo 2022, which took place in New York, featured both emerging and mature brands marketed under plant-based and vegan designations.


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