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  • ICYMI: Top Stories From July

    George Hajjar

    The most-read SFA News Daily articles in July explored topics including a retailer’s battle against labor unions, the economics of supermarkets and pricing, and inclement weather affecting states and crops. In case you missed it, the following were the most popular stories last month.

    1. NLRB Files Complaint Against Trader Joe's

    The National Labor Relations Board alleged in an unfair labor practices complaint against Trader Joe’s, that the retailer retaliated against workers attempting to organize a union. The NLRB also said the grocer threatened workers with frozen wages and more.

    2. Sugar Shortage Puts Candy Production at Risk

    Tight sugar supplies are edging up candy companies’ costs and cutting into confectionary production months before the Halloween season.

    3. Supermarkets Lose Share to Other Channels

    In 1997, supermarkets and small-format grocers held 37 percent share of American’s total food spending; as of 2022, that share had fallen to one quarter, according to data from the USDA. On the other hand, warehouse clubs and supercenters, like Walmart and Costco, increased their share of food spending from 4 to 10 percent over the same period.

    4. Flooding Impacts Food Companies in Vermont

    Specialty food makers, retailers, and consumers in Vermont braced for more rainfall after heavy downpours earlier in the month caused widespread flooding and damage.

    5. Big Brands Continue Raising Prices

    While making record profits, large consumer brands have continued to raise prices as the Federal Reserve works to stabilize inflation. Coca-Cola, Unilever, and PepsiCo all reported significant price hikes in the second quarter.

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