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[IN THE KNOW WEBINAR] How to Stop NDAs From Harming Employees


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Thursday, March 23 @ 1pm 

How to Stop NDAs From Harming Employees

The food industry, along with society at large, suffers from widespread employee abuses, including sexual harassment and discrimination. Recently, food and agriculture company Bolthouse Farms took a stand, announcing changes to its NDA policy to allow employees the freedom to report on potential wrongdoing they experience at the company. This move comes as part of a wave of policy changes, both at the legislative and corporate levels to protect workers’ voices. Join us for this dynamic and informative panel discussion with four top experts on these issues. You will learn about: the latest federal, state, and company policies that are shifting the way we think about NDAs and forced arbitration and protecting employees; why Bolthouse Farms decided to make the changes they did and how your company can do the same; 3) the personal toll silencing mechanisms can take and why it’s important to address workplace abuses.

Michele Simon, Moderator
Sarvenaz Bakhtiar, Lift Our Voices
Matthew Ayers, Bolthouse Farms


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