Community Guidelines

Forum Guidelines and Etiquette 

Welcome to the Solution Center! We’re excited to have you here and hope that you have a great experience. To keep the forums a positive and productive destination, we ask that you abide by the following guidelines, as well as the rules listed in our website Terms and Conditions:

Be kind and respectful.  Each of your fellow community members has a different experience and perspective.  If you disagree with a poster, please respond with constructive criticism. 

Keep it productive. Refrain from rants, profanity, abusive comments, or overly argumentative or negative posts. And following these lines, please avoid religious or political discussions or statements, as these are potentially inflammatory and not germane to the mission of the Solution Center. 

Keep it professional. While we want the forums to be a fun place for you and we welcome humor, remember that this is a community of business people, so a professional tone is the best approach. 

Choose words with care.  Remember that text can be ambiguous and seem harsher than intended. Elements such as irony and emotion are often lost in electronic communication. 

Refrain from using all-caps. In Internet forums and chat rooms, using all caps is universally recognized as shouting and generally considered rude. If you wish to emphasize text, there are other means available in the text editor, including italicizing, underlining and bolding. As with the above guideline, also emphasize with care. 

Don’t discuss price.  Do not engage in discussions about prices, compensation, discounts and other terms of sale, or specific customers, vendors, and competitors.  Any discussions that may be construed as encouraging members to act together to restrict free trade may be criminal, and are thus prohibited in our forums.  Please adhere to these restrictions as the consequences are serious.  For a more complete description of anticompetitive behavior and its consequences, see “Anticompetitive Behavior” in our website Terms and Conditions.

No naming of names. Questions about, or publicly recalling negative experiences with, a specific company in the forums can be construed as anticompetitive behavior (see above) or lead to a discussion construed as such. As mentioned in the previous entry, discussions of this nature can have serious legal and financial ramifications, and will be removed.

Don’t flood the forums.  Post your question or comment only once; if you have multiple questions on different topics, please space them a few minutes apart. Also, please do not bump topics (responding to them to increase attention) unless they have gone unanswered for more than 48 business hours.

Stay on-topic.  Keeping discussions on topic makes for a much more productive conversation. If you have something different to discuss, please start a new discussion.

Don’t post infringing material.  Please do not post any material which may infringe on the rights of others, including copyrighted material.  Posting a link to relevant information, such as an article or blog, is permitted with proper attribution. (If you are linking to a blog related to your company or your personal work, please be mindful of our marketing policy, below.)

No marketing.  Be mindful of the community’s purpose and refrain from conducting market research or promoting your company or your products. Marketing includes, (but is not limited to) press releases, responding to a question with a sales or product pitch, sending unsolicited private messages or e-mails to promote products and services, using the Community platform for self promotion, campaigning, etc. This applies to every area of the forums, including (but not limited to) the Q&A Forum, private messages, the User Directory, and The SFA Blog. If, however, a member asks for a specific service or product your company provides, it is fine to post advice and/or a short note with your contact information, or send a one-time-only private message or e-mail solely to that member. Any posts with a sales pitch will be edited or removed. 

Keep posts clean and safe. Posts containing vulgar language or jokes, slurs, defamatory statements, and images containing nudity, violence, etc., are prohibited.

Respect member privacy.  Do not collect, store or publish any personal information of other members made available through the forums.  Please keep forum discussions in the forums and do not publish or reproduce them outside the forums.  

Use the right channel. If you have a question or comment specific to your individual SFA membership/use of benefits, advertising or billing, the Solution Center may not be the right place to seek assistance. We encourage you to contact your representative.  However, if you have a general question that benefits the entire community, please feel free to post.

Help with community housekeeping. You may flag posts that violate these guidelines or are otherwise inappropriate as “Objectionable” or you may send a note to the Community Manager. When flagging a post, please include a brief description of why the post is objectionable.

Although we are not responsible for any postings, we reserve the right to take any action we deem appropriate in the event of violation of these guidelines or the website Terms and Conditions, including giving warnings, deleting and hiding posts, disabling access, banning posters, or terminating accounts.   

We reserve the right to modify these guidelines from time to time, so please review them periodically.

We appreciate your cooperation and look forward to seeing you in the forums!