SFA Webinar Roundup: Building A COVID-19 Safety Plan, Selling To Foodservice, PPP Loan Forgiveness, And More Topics

Arielle Feger
As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to affect the specialty food industry across the country, the SFA is providing its two free webinar series—Ask the Experts: Business Continuity and Risk Mitigation Planning and Working with Buyers: Rise to the COVID-19 Challenge—to help members through this time. Webinars are held on Tuesdays and Thursdays and recorded versions are available for download in the specialtyfood.com Learning Center.

Here are highlights from some of the latest webinars in the series:

Amid increasing COVID-19 case counts across the country, food manufacturers, retailers, and other businesses are grappling with when and how to reopen and stay open. In an Ask the Experts webinar series installment, Jeni Lamb Rogers, JD and MS, regulatory counsel to the SFA, shared the nuts and bolts of building a COVID-specific Infectious Disease Preparedness and Response Plan following federal regulatory guidance. She covered the basic elements of what a plan should contain to help companies get back—and stay back—at work while mitigating risk of a potential COVID-19 related lawsuit. Download here.

In a Working with Buyers webinar, Richard Tarlov, owner of Canyon Market, a natural foods and specialty grocery serving San Francisco’s Glen Park neighborhood, shared observations on doing business during COVID-19. He covered the opportunities that independent markets have during this time to innovate and serve their customers, as well as Canyon’s plans to move forward. Download here.

Brendan Witcher, spoke about Consumers, COVID-19, and The New Realities of Retail and revealed key changes in consumer behavior (and what will stick), the myths and realities of what’s in the headlines, and what other B2C brands and retailers are doing to remain relevant going into the second half of 2020. Download here.

Chris Doering, the sales leader for European Imports, Sysco Food Service’s specialty food division, discussed selling specialty food to foodservice in a post-COVID environment. He covered why makers should focus on foodservice, tips to be successful, and what’s changed in selling foodservice during the pandemic. Download here.

In another installment, corporate law expert Jeannette McLaughlin, a partner on the legal team of the SFA’s law firm, Arent Fox LLP, discussed the latest guidance and best practices to maximize the forgivable amount of your PPP loan. Download here.

In Understanding Category Trends and Consumer Insights, Katie Paul, vice president of category management and growth solutions at KeHE, discussed the current state of natural and specialty food distribution, and how shifts in consumer behaviors are driving makers, retailers, and distributors to adapt to COVID Normal. Download here.

In a panel discussion on Starting Up During Shut Down, Ron Tanner, vice president of education, government, and industry relations, welcomed leaders from community development and academic incubators to discuss how they have dealt with the COVID-19 crisis, both from the internal and client perspective. The panel included Sarah Masoni, director of product and process development at Oregon State University’s Food Innovation Center; Luca Carnevale, executive director of operations at Hope & Main; and Diane Holtaway, associate director of marketing and business development of the Food Innovation Center at Rutgers University. Download here.

New topics are added each week. Visit learning.specialtyfood.com to learn more and to download recorded webinars.

The Ask the Experts: Business Continuity and Risk Mitigation Planning series features speakers on topics including government aid programs, legal matters, finance, insurance, crisis communications, and more. The Working with Buyers: Rise to the COVID-19 Challenge series gives the retailer perspective on current conditions first-hand from buyers as they discuss the challenges in supply chains and stores, with merchandising, in-store activities, employees and more.
Posted by Arielle Feger on Jul 23, 2020 2:30 PM America/New_York