Pause. Stop. Start.

Chris Crocker
Much of the commercial world has famously hit the pause button. Not everything has paused, however: Lives and livelihoods have been lost, and consumer behavior may be experiencing a tectonic shift. In reality, there are few reasons to expect we can start back up where we left off.

For businesspeople, we can either hope for better days or create opportunity. We choose opportunity. And figuring out what to stop and what to start is essential to finding our path forward.

Dozens and dozens of periodicals will cease to exist this year. The pandemic has accelerated their demise, but it’s not the cause. Fact is, magazine readership and print advertising have been declining for a decade. We have fared better than most. But media must now be agile, accountable, and actionable, and that is not possible to deliver in ink on paper. 

We will stop publishing a print edition of Specialty Food magazine after the most recent Summer issue to concentrate our energies on advancing existing digital offerings and to start new ones. We’ll continue to bring you the trends, products, and in-depth content you’ve enjoyed in Specialty Food magazine, now exclusively in digital form.

Now for what we're starting ... the Specialty Food Association has launched a new benefit, an industry newsfeed app that puts the latest from across the market right on your mobile device - at your convenience.

The new app, SFA Feed, delivers industry news, new product introductions, features, trends, video and (soon-to-come) audio programming, plus a way to read the digital edition of Specialty Food magazine. 

You can download SFA Feed from the App Store or on Google Play.

For those of us who have nurtured this print magazine over the past 20 years, this transition is bittersweet. We remain committed to serving the industry at large and to keeping specialty foods on the agenda of those who buy food for a living.

We’re grateful to the subscribers, advertisers, and vendors who have helped us accomplish this in print, and we look forward to continuing to fulfill our mission in engaging, interactive, and useful forms as we embark on the next phase of our media evolution.
Posted by Chris Crocker on Jul 22, 2020 2:30 PM America/New_York