One Pitch Is All It Takes - Enter Front Burner TODAY

Sara Kay
This summer I celebrate my sixth Fancy Food Show ever – and funnily enough, this Summer Fancy Food Show will also celebrate the sixth iteration of the Front Burner Foodservice Pitch Competition. I feel a special kinship with this event. I’ve watched it evolve into this meaningful Show moment that is so much more than just a competition. It brings in specialty food producers who really want to branch out, get into a new market, and prepare themselves for the future of their product.

Perhaps our live event, with a celebrity host, a panel of expert judges, and an audience of hundreds isn’t *exactly* the way a typical buyer meeting is going to go, but if you can compete at Front Burner, you can handle just about anything! Those five minutes on stage are a great chance for food makers to get comfortable pitching their product, and in true educational fashion, the in-person feedback they receive from judges right away is extremely useful. That one-of-a-kind five minutes is what sets them apart from the competition.

Victoria Ho of Pacific Pickle Works, the winner of the 2019 Winter Fancy Food Show Front Burner Competition, shared some of the benefits of pitching her product on the big stage.

“The experience of the live presentation was an intimidating yet incredible opportunity to validate the strength of our pitch, and getting in the ring with Chef Irvine and the judges is fine practice for the real thing. Since the [competition], Pacific Pickle Works has developed a significant foodservice footprint in our home region, where we’ve found our niche in the bars and kitchens of luxury hotels, country clubs, and upscale full-service restaurants.”

Our judging panel so far starts with Angela Flenoy, Director of Innovation and Strategy at Sysco in Houston, TX. She is responsible for the Cutting Edge Solutions Innovation Platform, and has been working in foodservice since 2004. Ken Toong is the Executive Director of Auxiliary Enterprises, which is comprised of UMass Dining, Hotel UMass, UMass Conference Services, Licensing, UMass Catering, University Club and Restaurant, and the University Bookstore, where he places a strong focus on student health, sustainability, nutrition, and community.

Also, did I mention this year’s AMAZING Front Burner host? We’re keeping it under wraps for just a bit longer, but here’s a quick spoiler: she’s a celebrated chef, author, and artist, has been nominated for a James Beard award, has been on over 40 TV cooking competitions, and is the author of three cookbooks and an upcoming memoir. In short, she’s a kitchen ROCKSTAR.

Not sure what to expect? Check out the Front Burner competition from our Winter 2019 Fancy Food Show. 

Maybe you’re nervous. Hey, everyone gets nervous! But just think, if not now, when? You have until April 30, so enter Front Burner today, and may the best food win!
Posted by Sara Kay on Apr 23, 2019 11:55 AM America/New_York