The Food Of Tomorrow: Innovation In What We Eat, Make, And Sell

Sara K
Every day at the Summer Fancy Food Show, we will bring together some of the most influential thinkers and makers in today’s marketplace to talk about how they see – and create – the future of the food that we produce, market, and consume.

It’s all part of the LevelUP experience which is focused on the future of food, and Premium Pass holders will have access to five sessions of Excite Talks, short, provocative sessions with high-level thinkers, plus time for Q&A.

Here’s a look at a few of the members of the Excite Talks braintrust:

Jonathan Deutsch, Professor of Culinary Arts and Food Science at Drexel University. At the Drexel Food Lab, Jonathan Deutsch is overseeing student-driven product development and food innovation projects focused on solving real-world problems for the industry, as well as good food projects. A current project being worked on at the Food Lab is a gluten-free vegan sweet potato brownie made from food scraps, making it sustainable, healthy, and inclusive.

Mike Lee, Founder of Studio Industries and The Future Market. The Future Market is a futurist food lab that explores what our food system could look like in the year 2065, through pop-up experiences and conceptual product types, including The Future Market that will be featured as part of the LevelUP experience. He is constantly working on innovative products that are better for people and the planet.

Bertha Jimenez, Co-Founder and CEO of RISE. At RISE, Dr. Bertha Jimenez is turning organic waste into value by converting industrial waste into raw materials. Currently, Dr. Jimenez and her team at RISE are working with microbreweries to convert their spent grain into flour for food manufacturers.

Josh Treuhaft, Founder and Creative Director of Salvage Supperclub. Josh Treuhaft is both a strategist and an advocate for sustainability. A creative problem solver who when faced with the question of how to get people to better understand the potential of overlooked foods, decided to take people out of their homes and into their dumpsters – literally – with his dumpster dinner series that has spread from a street corner in New York City to major cities all around the country.

Jae Berman, Registered Dietitian and Head Coach at Habit. Customized nutrition based on DNA is something that the team at Habit is working to provide for anyone who wants to understand how their body processes food, and what foods are best for them, and as Habit’s head coach, Jae translates this personalized data into meaningful insights and actionable steps.

Premium Pass holders will also have access to daytime sessions like Sunday’s “The Food Market of Tomorrow,” a look at the trends and forecasts for the specialty food industry with speakers from The Hartman Group and Mintel. Pass holders will also receive preferred seating for Super Sessions like Monday’s Buyer Panel, moderated by “The Supermarket Guru,” Phil Lempert, and featuring a panel of high-level buyers from Whole Foods Market, Straub’s Market, Kings Super Markets,, and Peapod.

You can learn more here.

We encourage you to LevelUP your Show experience and join us in exploring the future of food. If you have questions, please post in the Q&A Forum in the Solution Center. See you at the Show!
Posted by Sara Kay on Jun 15, 2017 2:55 PM America/New_York