Waste Less, Help More With End Of Show Product Donations

At the close of the Summer Fancy Food Show, we invite you to join your fellow exhibitors by donating food to help feed the hungry.  It is super-easy – as those exhibitors who consistently do it year after year can attest—and can save you money too!

First, though, finetune the amount of product/number of samples you send to lessen potential waste – of product and shipping costs. But if you have food left over on Tuesday afternoon, we have a program to make sure it doesn’t end up in a dumpster. This critical food rescue program rescued over 100,000 pounds of food from the Summer Fancy Food Show last year, and has been in operation with our partner at City Harvest for 19 years.

Why Donate? 
  1. Potential Tax Deduction: Specialty Food Foundation will send a donation receipt to the main contact on record for the exhibit space – but this receipt is only as accurate as the information YOU fill out on the form. Use this donation acknowledgment in consultation with your tax advisor to determine deductibility. 
  2. Save Money Now: Exhibitors may see additional financial benefit from donating product because it effectively reduces the weight of the shipment home. (Super important - Remember, if shipping via Freeman and your shipment at the end of the show is lighter than the shipment to the Show, notify them to adjust it accordingly to reduce drayage charges.) Also, consider the additional cost of re-stocking your product back at home – is it worth it in the long run?
  3. Warm Fuzzies: Donating feels good – and it means a lot to those who receive it. 

How to Donate: Exhibitors receive a form in their booth at the end of the Show (it’s available in the exhibitor services hub under the sustainability section right now if you prefer to prep ahead of time). You’ll need to know three things: total # of units being donated, average weight per unit & average wholesale price per unit. Your floor manager can give you stickers to mark the donated product, and that’s it.  (Note – approximate numbers are fine, so don’t let the questions scare you away. We use the information to provide a receipt for the donation.)

Thank you for your continued support and generosity. This is part of what makes the specialty food community so special and it is an honor to connect your products with the hungry in NYC.  Question or comments? Post them to the Solution Center's Q&A Forum!
Posted by Laura Lozada on Jun 13, 2017 4:00 PM America/New_York