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  • Denise
    Top Food Trends of 2019
    The SFA Trendspotter panel—a group of buyers, chefs, culinary education professionals, and industry watchers—has announced its picks for the top trends of the coming year. Health benefits, global tastes, and sustainability will drive more food and beverage trends, says the panel. Here is some of what we can expect to see. Plant-based blossoms into ... more
  • Doug Renfro - Headshot
    Your Next Marketing Strategy: Coupons
    Written by: Doug Renfro, President of Renfro Foods, Inc.  Coupons can be an effective marketing strategy but there are some things to know. Physical coupons require a clearinghouse account. Yes, technically, you could print some homemade versions with your home address and try to get a retailer to accept them. This will go very badly, please don’t do ... more
  • Denise
    Trend Check In: What’s Growing, What’s Fading
    One of the reasons SFA turned its Trendspotter panel into a year-round effort beyond the Fancy Food Shows was so we could report on the trajectory of its predictions. In addition to our quarterly reports in Specialty Food Magazine , in this new, recurring blog post, I’ll be sharing news related to the trends identified by our Trendspotters—a look at ... more
  • Rachel's Photo
    Social Media: How Pinterest Can Help Step Up Your Social Presence
    When it comes to social media marketing, many brands often stick to the major players—Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter. With Facebook and Instagram reigning supreme in the food industry, it’s easy to automatically narrow in on those platforms, and ignore the rest. Yet, Pinterest has become the dark-horse platform that all brands need to ... more
  • Denise
    Industry Voices: Highlights From SFA News Live Interviews
    At each Fancy Food Show, the Specialty Food Association broadcasts SFA News Live, talk-show–style interviews with industry trailblazers, icons, disruptors, and other experts, held throughout show days. The segments run on as well as social media, and are available after the shows here . Topics span the length of the food system, ... more