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  • Rachel's Photo
    How To Use Social Media To Launch A New Product
    Launching a new product can be nerve-wracking and exciting. I personally was excited just getting to see all the New Product winners at the sofi Awards this year. And this is the time of year when many brands come out with new products for the summer season. They advertise them in every media spot possible, including traditional television and print, but ... more
  • Sara Kay
    One Pitch Is All It Takes - Enter Front Burner TODAY
    This summer I celebrate my sixth  Fancy Food Show ever – and funnily enough, this Summer Fancy Food Show will also celebrate the sixth  iteration of the Front Burner Foodservice Pitch Competition. I feel a special kinship with this event. I’ve watched it evolve into this meaningful Show moment that is so much more than just a competition. It brings in ... more
  • Chris Crocker
    Want to Be Less Relevant? Do What You’ve Always Done
    You are not reading this. Last year I hit an age milestone (the one that rhymes with “mixed tea”). And even though I built my career in a field that’s been in disruptive turmoil for over 10 years, you won’t hear me wishing for the good old days. Here’s how I’m adapting to today’s fluid environment: Younger audiences rely less on traditional media . I ... more
  • sofi judging
    Sofi Judges Weigh In On Trends
    Judging for the annual sofi TM Awards competition has been taking place at the Specialty Food Association’s offices in New York for the past week and a half and will last until Thursday, April 4. If you’re not familiar with the judging process, it’s intense. About 60 food professionals comprise the judging panel, including chefs, specialty food ... more
  • Denise
    Four Foodservice Insights And Innovations  
    The foodservice channel is changing rapidly, from fast casual’s dominance, to menu overhauls at former culinary wastelands like hospitals, to advances in tech and food delivery that are revolutionizing not only operations but how people consume a restaurant meal. We looked at many of these developments in our Spring issue of Specialty Food ... more