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  • SFA Trendspotter Panel’s 2018 Trend Predictions
    The Specialty Food Association has expanded its trendspotting efforts and we’re excited to share predictions for the top 10 food trends of 2018. You may remember the SFA Trendspotter Panel as a group that announced the trends coming out of each Fancy Food Show. Now, trendspotting will be a year-round effort. The panel is setting its predictions for the ... more
  • The Four Pitfalls Of Holiday-Season Food Demos
    Four Pitfalls of Holiday-Season Food Demos   The atmosphere in the store is festive. I am standing behind my demo table, which is full of great delicacies, some steeped in centuries of tradition and gastronomical delight yet to be discovered by passing customers. But when I invite shoppers for a taste, they often turn to me with mouths already full of ... more
  • Why The Basics?
    As a food producer getting into the specialty food industry for the first time, it can be difficult to know the first several steps to take to get a product to market. So where do you turn to get a foundation as a new food producer? The Basics: The Business of Specialty Food , is a course that the SFA offers to new members and start-up companies at each Fancy Food ... more
  • Front Burner Extension Announcement, Refrigerated Truck Question And Five Things To Look For In A Co-Packer: The Solution Center Week In Review, Week Of November 20th
    Hello from the end of the long Thanksgiving weekend, SFA Community! First, a big welcome to all the new visitors to the Solution Center this week. You’ve joined a vibrant and supportive community filled with many opportunities to learn and connect with your peers. Secondly, for those who didn’t see the announcement, Andrea Meyer recently left SFA to ... more
  • Five Things You Should Look For In A Co-Packer
    ( Editor's Note: We'll periodically revisit SFA Blog contributions that continue to provide value. In this revisted post, Association member Sarah Lanphier shares a few points of consideration for preparing to work with a co-packer. As always, you are encouraged to join the related discussion in the Q&A Forum.) Sales are booming, inquiries ... more