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  • SFA Solicits Award Nominations

    Julie Gallagher

    Through February 15, the Specialty Food Association will accept nominations for SFA Leadership Awards, Lifetime Achievement Awards, and the SFA Hall of Fame. Anyone may nominate either a current or former SFA member. Award winners will be celebrated at the 2022 Summer Fancy Food Show this June.

    The SFA’s three separate award categories celebrate leaders, legends, and remarkable innovators whose work helps shape the future of food. Maybe you were trained by them, work side-by-side with them today, or even see them in the mirror! 

    SFA Leadership Awards honor exceptional individuals who champion the positivity of our industry. Winners are recognized in one of three categories: 

    • Business Leadership: For creating economic opportunity and improved quality of life for food industry personnel.  

    • Citizenship: For improving communities through positive environmental choices, sustainable practices, hunger relief, and/or literacy.  

    • Vision: For pioneering new approaches, innovative products, and positive business models. 

    The SFA Hall of Fame honors those whose career contributions, innovations, and successes within the industry continue to inspire and motivate others. 

    Lifetime Achievement Awards are presented to past and current Association members whose careers are widely recognized as advancing the specialty food industry. 

    Nominate someone today!



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