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  • Industry Voices: Winter Fancy Food Show Education Program

    Denise Purcell

    At the recent Winter Fancy Food Show in Las Vegas, the SFA offered a roster of in-person education sessions to help specialty food companies navigate industry topics like supply chain challenges, ecommerce, and effective branding.

    In addition to a slate of sessions offered under its Maker Pass, SFA also hosted The Basics: The Business of Specialty Food, its longstanding day-long workshop to help prepare new companies for doing business. 

    Here is a sampling of information shared during the Winter Show education program with information on how to purchase the sessions.

    “Sales and marketing are out in front. This is the stuff that’s under the hood. But now, it is front and center.”—Bob Burke, Natural Product Consulting, Solving the Supply Chain Crisis

    Do three things everyday: listen and translate, build content, build community. Doing these over and over builds commerce.—Jomaree Pinkard, Hella Cocktail Co., Building a Brand, The Basics: The Business of Specialty Food 

    In-store tasting events are a great way to include chocolate even if it’s not the focus. Offer it as a sweet note at the end and you’ll find most carts will include it after the event.—Matt Caputo, Captuto’s Fine Market, Fine Chocolate Trends and Marketing Strategies for Specialty Food Retailers

    “If your team understands the destination and is equipped with trust to have creativity and act in the moment, you break down barriers and all members are doing their part in the moment to help the team succeed.—Jeff Grogg, JPG Resources, Innovation in the Face of Uncertainty

    “At the end of the day, Amazon customers are not your customers, they are Jeff Bezos’ customers. So should you drive a portion of your business toward Amazon and is Amazon ever profitable for your own business?”—Lou Nicolaides, Ludwig Marketing & Sales, Launch and Increase Your Online Sales

    To learn more, or if you couldn’t make it to the Show in person, you can go here to purchase the packages of sessions for The Basics and for Maker Space. SFA members receive discounted pricing.


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