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  • ICYMI: December’s Top Stories

    George Hajjar

    The most popular articles with SFA News Daily readers in December focused on store openings, forward-looking trends, and retrospective consumer behavior reports. In case you missed it, the following were the top five most read stories in December:

    1. Whole Foods Plans NYC Opening

    The store is located in New York City’s Financial District and will feature more than 1,000 local items from the city and surrounding area.

    2. KeHE Releases 2023 Trend Report

    The company identified a shift toward consumers seeking a sustainable lifestyle, finding that 68 percent of consumers agree that taking measures to help the environment makes them feel happy. They also found that consumers are becoming more conscious of what they put in their bodies.

    3. FreshDirect Shares 2023 Food Trends

    The company has found that DIY experiences have resonated with consumers and will continue to do so into the new year. Social media has increased the popularity of do-it-yourself items such as butter boards, which have given way to artistically decorated breakfast and dessert boards.

    4. The Fresh Market Unveils 2023 Food Trends

    The company spotted food trends involved with the following: new global flavors, plant-based eating, natural and functional foods, Mexican cuisine, and climatarian eating.

    5. Grubhub Reveals Ordering Trends

    Burritos were the most ordered item on the platform, jumping from the eighth most ordered in 2021. Over four million orders including burritos were filled throughout the year. They were followed in popularity by cheeseburgers, cheese pizzas, pad Thai, chicken quesadillas, California rolls, fried chicken sandwiches, Caesar salads, chicken tikka masala, and boneless wings.

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