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  • How’s Your Brand? Check Out Maker Prep!

    Gretchen VanEsselstyn

    There are so many fun parts to my job as Director of Education at SFA, but my favorite is working with some of the greatest brains in our industry. It’s a thrill to call upon people whose work I’ve admired and ask them to teach our members what they know. And the best part – they say YES. 

    With that in mind, I’m delighted to announce the next cycle in our Maker Prep series which focuses on branding. You’ll hear from the leaders of three powerhouse agencies: Moxie Sozo, Bright, and Buttermilk Creative. All three focus on specialty food and beverage brands and – if you’re an SFA member – you’ll get three hours of their combined expertise for zero dollars. It’s part of your benefits package as a member! (If you’re not a member yet, join us! And in the meantime, the whole series is $50 for you.) 

    On October 14, you’ll learn the Fundamentals of Branding. Why are some companies beloved by consumers while others fight to be remembered? Creative agency Moxie Sozo will talk you through the process of creating a compelling and authentic brand and share four amazing case studies along the way.  

    On November 11, we’ll delve into Building a Brand Expression with creative branding house, Bright. You’ll learn how to make sure your brand stands out in a crowded competitive set and ensure continuity and growth in the future.

    And on December 9, we’ll cover Package Design and Branding with Buttermilk Creative. You’ll learn how to make the most of the short time you have for shoppers to notice your product on the shelf by developing a cohesive design strategy and prioritizing messaging.

    I’m so pleased to make these webinars available to you.

    If you’re just learning about Maker Prep, please check out the recordings of our two completed series: Working with Distributors and Financing Your Business

    And let us know what you need to learn more about – Maker Prep is designed for you! Reach out any time: education@specialtyfood.com


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