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A Notice to all SFA Members

Jon Cross

Some actions on this site may require you to sign in.
Here are some helpful hints to make this process easier:

  • Your sign in information for the new SFA Community Hub is currently not the same as your sign in to specialtyfood.com or the old learning center.
  • We may have created an account for you with your email address from our SFA Member list.
  • Try your Member email address and "forgot password", if you get an email prompting you to create a new password, please do so and log right in.
  • If you don't then please use the new sign up form and create a new account, remembering, if you’re an SFA Member, to use your ID number. 
  • Any issues with sign up/sign in please contact education@specialtyfood.com or  jcross@specialtyfood.com

Thank you for your patience while we work to bring you a more seamless user experience in the future!

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